The project was suspended in years 2013 - 2015 due to an adorable family development :)

"MELLOM ORDENE" ("BETWEEN WORDS") - Polish / Norwegian mutual promotion project initiated in 2013 aimed at cultivating an artistic cooperation reaching far beyond the boundaries of the two countries.

Intercultural dialogue is all the more lively when led by means of arts - especially music - through artists exchange and that of their works, as well as an international team-work. Serving as tools for reaching this goal are funds for diversity development in culture and arts, set aside by the Arts Council of Norway, which I'm willing to apply for on behalf of all project's contributors.

The "MELLOM ORDENE" Project ("BETWEEN WORDS") was initiated with the song "Havet" (in the original Polish version: "Ocean") - the outcome of my growing curiosity about the potential bilingual work activates - which, I hope, will soon break the fresh ground fora cooperation with Polish and Norwegian jazz musicians / composers.

Our undertaking should result both in international performance activities and a recording of a full-time album. The goal for the 2013 is to shape the band and the samples of the repertoire, consisting of original compositions with the lyrics in both languages - irrespective of the boundaries of the countries, origins, languages and socio-political outlooks and worldviews.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in this unique collaboration.

Magdalena Tutka - Gwóźdź ("tutu")


They say it's impossible to write a poetry or song lyrics in a foreign language. I'm asking: "Why"? When it comes to sharing with others what is truly important to us, do we have any limits that could not be overcome? Are there any constraints in reciprocal understanding? Or do we simply need to find an attitude that could make things happen?

To write poetry is to seek a better understanding of the world, a better understanding of me and you. This is about conveying, creating and interpreting the images saturated with feelings. Language is only a tool to express them. Having spent 5 years in a country which isn't my homeland, I believe the time has come to deepen the knowledge of the people surrounding me and let them get to know me better too.

That's why I do believe that writing song lyrics makes perfect sense, since the whole process relies on sharing the most cherished moments, reflections and emotions, simultaneously serving as an act of exploration of the new language and a new culture.. And I'm sure music is going to help us find a common ground and start a dialogue, even if I fail to convey my message clearly... So, please, listen to the songs.

Magdalena Tutka - Gwóźdź ("tutu")


Magdalena Tutka - Gwóźdź ("tutu") - I graduated from the Cracow Academy of Music (Faculty of Composition, Interpretation and Musical Education) and the Cracow Jagiellonian University (Poland).

I write poems, essays and lyrics, occasionally also compose music.

Since 2009 I have been a part of a jazz duo Call & Response together with a Polish jazz and theater music composer, Dawid Rudnicki.

I have been living in Norway since 2010. Apart from performing as a jazz singer, I am deeply involved in activities of the Society "InDialog - Interkulturell Kommunikasjon, Inspirasjon, Inkludering" which I have founded.

Magdalena Tutka - Gwóźdź ("tutu")



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